God never stops caring about us even when we think He should. Especially at times when we might have turned our backs on Him, usually because we want to have our way over His. Yes, He still gets involved in our lives even when we’ve gone all rebellious on Him, for the simple reason that we still belong to Him.

We may never see His hands in the thick of things, because we may be, in mind and spirit, too far away to see. For it is so easy to get carried away by our defiance and the negative reality created by the choice to lean on our own understanding and thereby unconscious about how things are being worked out in the background for our recovery.

APTOPIX Nicaragua Santo Domingo

In sharing my testimonies of rebellious escapades against God, I would say it is at that very moment of realizing fully my stupidity I think the culmination of all that God has worked out for my deliverance becomes glaringly vivid in waking me back to my senses, in a way that I can’t help but acknowledge God’s Love – relentless and sufficient.

If we were to contemplate for a moment what’s in question, I am sure we’d see the many instances God called out to us. Mostly, He uses people to talk to us, impressing upon our hearts the folly of our ways. And how He also uses our mess, staying true to His reputation as “the God who works in mysterious ways” – turning it all for our good and making us better for it.

Now, I used to think when you walk out on God, you are on your own and His care for you just goes, poof! Well, I can categorically tell you that’s nothing but an enormous fallacy.

Through personal and debilitating addictions I have seen God stick with me through it all, even when falling back on those addictions meant I was obviously blundering against Him and somehow not availing myself of the grace and help He graciously provides.

In retrospect, I get the feeling that God knew all along how things would turn out at the end and so He allowed me space and time to putter and monkey around. And when I had had enough of my own bitter medicine, I began to understand and appreciate the stark contrast of things – between His ways and mine – as if it wasn’t quite clear already the first time I accepted Christ.

I am not exactly sure about why we do what we do in the face of God’s offer of a better way and life, but one thing I can say confidently is that we belong to a God who loves us jealously. His Love is as such that He would always do as the Good Shepherd that He is. He will surely go after the one lost sheep until He finds it. (Luke 15).

Sure, in the end, if we may go astray, for most of us it is part of our complete experience, the choice is still ours to make: whether we would respond to God’s Love and come back to the fold or reject Him altogether. But it is greatly comforting to know that if ever we lost our way we have such a Father who’s determinedly willing to find us and bring us back home.

So it would be apt to go into the New Year knowing we are enfolded in such an extravagant Love, and may it be our resolution to get acquainted with this Love in a way that renders our going astray unnecessary.

Happy New Year.

About Photo/Credit: A young man, his body drenched with used motor oil, poses for a photo during festivities honoring patron saint Santo Domingo de Guzman, in Managua, Nicaragua, Friday, Aug. 1, 2014. Some of the faithful coat their bodies in the black lubricant, as a promise for a prayer or miracle they believe was performed or answered by “Mingo,” the common name for Domingo in Nicaragua. (AP Photo/Esteban Felix)


  1. Grace and only grace of God is what i learn anytime I read from Samuel Ibrahim blogs. Sometimes unbelievable but so true. Sammy has a way of defining God’s love which is peculiar to him. That’s grace too in a simple way.


    1. Thanks for your kind words Umez. I am keeen on God’s Love because I believe it is ultimately what we need the most in becoming all that God. And of course, because God is Love. I pray we have more experiential knowledge of His Love and be transfigured continually by its power.


  2. Insightful post and true. God does stick with us through it all. His Love is consistent and endless no matter where or how we fall. Thanks for sharing Samuel. Your posts always hit the core.


  3. Simply brilliant… it takes having to have experienced Gods love in different dimension, to be able to write about it the way u do Sam. u are blessed.


    1. Yes, am always hungry for more of God’s Love. For only by a continual and deeper experience of His Love are we able to in turn replicate it in our own lives towards others.Thanks a lot for your encouragement.


  4. Samuel, your are blessed. God’s love is always sufficient for us, you have a way of encouraging me, keep shining in his love.


  5. Samuel, you are blessed. God’s love is always sufficient for us, reading this piece made me realize his love from another dimension, Keep shining!


    1. Thanks Tora. I am happy the piece meant something to you. The extent to which I have grasped the Love of God has done a lot in helping me have a better life in Christ – reducing my stress level greatly, especially when it has to do with my Christian walk.


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