Crazy In Love With Scandal…

Just the other day, my dear friend Iris, opened up to me about why she couldn’t bear watching certain TV shows for their flagrant display of adultery.

Regardless of how popular they’d become, Scandal and Power seemed topmost on her list considering how many times she picked on those two.

She was resolutely unyielding in accepting the idea that it is now “modern” to break your marriage vows, especially when it makes you happier – giving you a chance at a truer and more exhilarating relationship with somebody else, who’s supposedly better and more compatible than your once precious and unequaled significant other.

Iris’s irritation wasn’t so much caused by the actual act of infidelity as much as it was by the fact that these reasons for adultery that once only made sense to the culprits in the stories are now finding empathy and understanding with the rest of society, who are watching and being entertained.

Quite easily we get that it could have been just a matter of President Fitzgerald’s wife being so utterly boring and uninteresting that she could never have stood a chance against the brains and sexiness of Olivia Pope.” And it doesn’t matter if the shows obvious title, “Scandal”, puts everything in perspective.

It is the death of our conscience, I think, we must blame for this. Iris on one hand diligently keeps from glorifying such entertainment for the simple reason that it erodes the principles that make marriages sacred, strong and important.

On the other hand, the majority, have found such failures in matrimony as integral to human life just as it is almost generally accepted ( mainly on a subconscious level) that all men are doomed to cheat in the course of their relationships (another topic for another day).

However, it is clear that most of us who are constantly being changed to the new order of things never meant to change intentionally. For unwittingly, we have been influenced to think in a morally bankrupt kind of way. And it is all for the power of entertainment.

Anyhow, we could agree there is always hope. Our imperfections are crosses we have to carry forever, but acknowledging that any society is only as good as the health and quality of its homes, should bring us to the critical fact that we can’t afford to leave the institution of marriage to the vagaries of the world’s idea on what is contemporarily accepted and what is not.


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