A Piece of Heaven On Earth


Quite early in my life, I had the good fortune of knowing enough to value Love above all other things. It has always been my opinion that true fulfillment lies primarily in our relationships, not in our jobs or careers or earthly accomplishments.

So in that mindset, I had continually committed myself to the business of learning all that may aid me in becoming more effective and successful in loving people. Particularly, I had pursued the vision of a glorious love life. With the help of scriptures, I had come to understand that selfless love was the key to having a piece of heaven on earth in my relationship.

One of my favorite verses, Ephesians 5:25 laid the foundation on which I built my relations with those close to me. Though that verse specifically talked about how husbands should love their wives, it was for me a perfect example of how we should all love one another, during or before marriage.

The verse was a personal call for me to imitate Christ on how he “gave up” His life for the Church. Now, apart from the fact that this was an ideal kind of love compared to the selfish buttered love I was used to growing up, I realized it was inexhaustible in its focus to making the other person happy, better and enriched.

And within this intentional choice to adore and live sacrificially for the other person is the attainable possibility of “utmost satisfaction”. For in the selfishly driven relationships in which we go in primarily for our own gain and gratification, we find satiating ourselves absolutely impossible.

Think about it, if my motivation for chasing and wooing a woman is fundamentally and especially based on the fact that she’s got a great sexy body with a sure promise of awesome sex. Then, it is only natural that I end up in a puddle of overfamiliarity. After making the lady mine and extracting whatever awesome sex I could, I would eventually start thinking the whole business somewhat boring. Not too different from how we feel about our smartphone devices.

Yeah, on a funny note, imagine being faced with the challenge of deciding to be faithful and committed to your still functioning, once revolutionary and ever-reliable Samsung Galaxy S8. I mean, in light of the advent of the slightly advanced Samsung Galaxy S9, would you still love her? Though she’s an “8” and would never be anything else but an “8”, would you still be thrilled and in awe of her?

So it is of grave importance we love rightly if only for the sake of living true and fulfilled. Though loving selflessly may seem stupid and disregard for one’s own happiness, the truth is, it is the best thing you could ever do for yourself. For, in the end, it all comes full circle in rewards of immeasurable blessedness and gratitude for having had the opportunity of touching another.

Ask our mothers, they, more than anybody else on the planet know very intimately what we are talking about here.



3 thoughts on “A Piece of Heaven On Earth

  1. Good analogy with the Galaxy. Question though. How do you reconcile the point of this article with what you put forth in the next article, especially considering this statement here: “Though to love selflessly may seem stupid and a disregard for one’s own happiness, the truth is, it is the best thing you could ever do for yourself.”?

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    1. Lol. I think I get why you would ask that. Well, I believe in a committed relationship a high dose of selfless love is the way to go. For that is how we realize the great wonderful possibilities of our unions and relationships. However, in my most recent post, the emphasis was on “self-love” which I believe is an integral part of who we are, and it is a part we must preserve. So, relating to scriptures, even when we choose to love our neighbors selflessly, it must be as we love ourselves. The sentence you pointed out actually reflects this belief. Thanks for reading and sharing your thought.

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