As We Are & Why It Matters A Whole Lot



My Niece and I…searching?

A very wise woman once expressed a universal truth in these simple words: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

Quite eloquent, yes, but that’s something deeply profound to say about our preconceptions. In fact, I think it is so deep in meaning and implications that I find it scary and deserving of our full attention.

I bet it was a critical observation of life that led Anaïs Nin to such a conclusive truth. And if we were to follow suit, I am sure we will see the link between our constant transformation and how we view the world around us.

For instance, I once found being gay irritating and a design from the pit of hell. Now my views are hugely reversed. I am now accepting and respectful of my fellow human beings who are gay, even though I still grapple with matters of same-sex copulation.

I am sure it is because of my own continuing personal search for understanding that has informed my ever-changing outlook on life. Surely, the more I question, seek out answers and discern for myself what path to take, the more I find myself morphing into newer versions of my person. Such is the synchronization between my renewals and my perspective on things.

But I think what’s most important is the root from which such interpretations are made. Going back to my aforementioned regard for homosexuals, my respect for them was based on the fundamental principles of love I had grown to accept as the pillars of my existence.

In the kindness and justice of love, I couldn’t help but evolve from the discriminatory adolescent to the more understanding and accommodating man that I have become.

So I am ever grateful for my belief system, knowing how easily I might have followed other routes that might have led to even more concentrated prejudices. Also, I do appreciate the serendipitous series of events and points of learning in my life that have cumulated into the man that I am today.

Hence, there is no greater service to one’s self than the judicious business of guarding the heart diligently, because, like the Good Book put’s it, from it flows the issues of life.


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