Is Love Really Enough?


Inspired by the ongoing argument over whether Love is enough or not, I thought it cool to say a few things in defense of Love.

And for the sake of understanding, it is important to note my assertions are based on Love having more to do with intentionality than it has to do with our feelings and whatever one may want when they¬†say “I love you”.

So, to the Crux of the matter…

Granted, loving as we should doesn’t necessarily guarantee a successful blissful romantic relationship all by itself.

Regardless of how lofty the intentions to make the other person happy, it must often require the agreement of both parties to make it work. A matter of choice, so to speak, either to accept or spurn the Love shared.

So, in the real world, it doesn’t matter how undying one’s commitment is to the other party if the Love given is rejected. The relationship is as good as being nonexistent.

It doesn’t mean Love failed or wasn’t sufficient, for Love had nothing to do with it. However, it does mean the people involved may have failed in availing themselves of all the goodness possible in a relationship founded on that Love that is intentional, patient, kind, trusting, and for the most part and above all, selfless.

Another thing is, if compatibility is satisfied on all levels important to both parties, Love is powerful enough to ensure the success of that relationship as long as it is welcomed, respected, nurtured, and protected by the two involved.

Hence, we cannot overemphasize the humbling fact that it does actually take two to make a relationship work. And I do believe that before venturing out into the realm of romance, it is key that both parties confirm that they are on the same page with giving and accepting each other’s affection, commitment and loyalty.

For it is only on such solid grounds a relationship can stand the chance of fulfilling its purpose.

PHOTO CREDIT: Happy Relationships

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