Is There No Hope Against Olivia Pope?

By the convictions of Iris, we are reminded about the adverse effect entertainment has been making to the detriment of our relationships and marriages. For like an aggressive and competitive opponent, divorce, for the reason of falling out of love, as expressed on many tv shows, now happens with equal frequency as getting married for falling in love, to the point that we may have accepted the idea as the most favorable resort when we “aren’t feeling it anymore” in our real life relationships.

Just the other day, my dear friend Iris, opened up to me about why she couldn’t bear watching certain TV shows for their flagrant display of adultery. Now, regardless of how popular they’d become, Scandal and Power  seemed topmost on her list considering how many times she picked on those two.

She was resolutely unyielding in accepting the idea that it is now “modern” to break your marriage vows, especially when it makes you happier – giving you a chance at a truer and more exhilarating relationship with somebody else, who’s  supposedly better and more compatible than your once precious and unequaled significant other.

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